Do You Need a Compensation Lawyer? 3 Circumstances Where You Might Need One

29 December 2020
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The workers' compensation system was designed to help employees navigate the complexities of getting compensated after being injured in the workplace. The process is normally straightforward when you have a clear case of a workplace injury and do not need extensive medical care. You will also resolve the case easily if it did not lead to permanent injuries and when you do not take too much time away from work.

However, several cases end up being more complicated than a simple injury treated on time. It is important to gauge your case seriously and see whether you can handle it by yourself, or you need the expertise of a compensation lawyer. Here are three situations when a lawyer will be necessary.

When Your Claim Was Denied

One of the most distressing things that can happen to you is getting your compensation claim denied. A denial forces you to appeal the decision, and since the system already registered your case, getting a solution becomes complicated. The most common reasons why claims are denied include lack of witnesses to the injury, inconsistencies in the records and delays when reporting the accident. You claim could also be denied because you were intoxicated at the time of the accident or the accident did not happen in the workplace.

Once your claim has been denied, you have the uphill task to prove that you deserve a reconsideration. A compensation lawyer will help you figure out the process to follow to get the judge and jury hear your case again.

When There Is a Dispute About Your Permanent Disability Rating

The other way to tell that you need a lawyer is when the insurance company does not agree with the doctor about your permanent disability rating. The insurance company might force you to attend an independent medical examination. Since the examiner will be ordered by the insurer, they will most likely lower your disability rating, which will lower your compensation.

The lawyer will help you convince the judge that you deserve a higher rating than they have assigned you.

When You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

Insurers and adjusters are in business to save money. If you have a pre-existing condition, they will argue that your injury was the result of the condition and not your work activity.

A lawyer will help you prove that your line of duty endangered you more than the condition.

These are cases where you will find a competent compensation lawyer crucial. Choose a competent lawyer to simplify your process and get the best compensation settlement amount for you. 

Schedule a consultation with a compensation lawyer if you encounter any of these problems.