Top Reasons to Hire a Solicitor When Buying a Home

2 July 2019
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Buying a home is a life-defining moment — as it is a dream come true for most people. Once you find a suitable house, you require the legal assistance of a solicitor to ensure that the purchase does not lead to any future liabilities. 

The extract below discusses the benefits of hiring a solicitor when buying a home. 


If you do not have adequate money to purchase the house, your solicitor will guide you on the most suitable bank loan. For example, a businessperson may opt for a low-doc home loan since he or she may not have all the required documents. 

Most lenders might require financial statements such as payslips to know if you have a means of repaying the loan. Your solicitor will evaluate and submit these financial documents to the bank. Further, he or she will negotiate the interest rates to ensure you have an easy time repaying the loan.

Facilitate Inspection of the House

There is more to a house than just beautiful interiors and lawns. The solicitor will have a home inspector conduct a thorough inspection of the property to point out damaged areas which you would have otherwise ignored. The inspector will assess the house for pest infestation, broken tiles, leaking roofs, and weaknesses in the building's support structure. If the house needs renovations, your solicitor can use this to push the buyer to lower the price of the property.  

What about the Contract?

Your solicitor will evaluate the contract of sale to ensure its terms are reasonable. He or she will guide you on the specifications of the agreement, and if possible, advocate for change or removal of specific clauses that would hurt you as a buyer.

Conduct a Title Search

The solicitor will check the validity of the plot title to ensure it is registered under the seller's name. If the property was inherited, but the buyer did not change the title into his or her name, the solicitor will conduct due diligence to protect your interests.  

Final Transfer

Once you sign the contract, you will pay a deposit and remit the final amount after a specific period. The solicitor will ask your bank to pay the seller the agreed amount. Further, he or she will help transfer the title into your name, thereby making you the property's legal owner. 

Hiring a solicitor will ease the home buying process. His or her work ensures that you get value for your money. Besides, the solicitor will prevent you from being duped by unscrupulous individuals.