Why Every Property Buyer Should Hire a Conveyancer During the Purchase Process

22 May 2015
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When you're buying a piece of property, you know to have it properly appraised and inspected so you understand the real condition and value of that property. Once you've decided that it's the right choice for you, it's good to then hire a conveyancer. This is a person who protects your rights and interests during the buying process in a number of ways. Note why a buyer should consider hiring a conveyancer when buying property and how their services can benefit you.

1. Researching the property and title

Even if you're buying property from a friend or someone you trust, you want to research the title and the property itself. You need to make sure it doesn't have liens on it, note easements that might affect your plans to build, and so on. There may even be construction plans nearby that may affect your plans for the property, and a conveyancer can research all of this for you before you go through the buying process.

2. Protecting your deposit

The deposit you put down for the property needs to be protected so that you can recoup this cost if the sale does not go through, and so that it's properly applied to the purchase. A conveyancer can ensure that the deposit it put into an escrow account or trust fund, rather than simply paid to the seller. This can protect it from misuse during the purchasing process.

3. Filing papers

Once the seller signs over the property's deed and other paperwork to you, it's typically your responsibility as the new owner to have those papers filed in order to have ownership legally transferred to you. This often needs to be done with your local county or tax assessor's office, and your conveyancer can ensure that it's done properly and promptly. They can also then advise you when the new ownership papers have arrived and also ensure that these are worded properly so that there is no question of ownership or changes to be made.

After the papers are filed your conveyancer can also forward them to your bank so that payments can begin to be made or for when final payments need to be released. They can also then close the escrow account or trust fund that held the deposit.

These are just some services commonly offered by conveyancers like Woodgate Lawyers that help to protect buyers and make the entire purchasing process on them overall.