How Do You Go about Challenging a Will?

15 November 2016
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If you've been surprised and disappointed by how a loved one's assets have been taken care of following their death, then you may have legal recourse. The Australian legal system in this case is quite liberal when it comes to how people can allocate beneficiaries, together with any amount they may receive. What are the situations when a potential beneficiary can challenge a will? Is It Valid? Firstly, it may be possible to dispute that a will is actually valid. Read More 

Going Once, Going Twice: Not So Cheaply Sold

17 June 2016
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Property auctions often seem like an affordable route to home ownership. This is because an auction will give you greater control over the price that you end up paying for a new home. However, the final bidding price for an auctioned lot often doesn't reflect the final cost of buying a home from the auctioneers. Various risks associated with the acquisition of auctioned property can affect the perceived affordability of your property investment. Read More